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About Reflexology Therapy at Highbury and Islington, Newington Green, Stoke Newington N16, North London

Modern Reflexology is based on an ancient form of therapy.

There is evidence of some form of foot and hand therapy being practiced in China as long ago as 2330 B.C. and also at the same time in Egypt, as recorded and depicted in the tomb of Ankmahor along with other medical procedures. The reflexes on our feet and hands act as a mirror image of the body. Reflexology symbols are thought to be recorded on the feet of statues of Buddha in India and later in China. It is believed that Marco Polo translated a chinese massage book into Italian in 1300,s, introducing reflexology and massage to Europe in 1582, a book on an integral element of reflexology called Zone Therapy which was published in Europe.

In the United States Dr William Fitzgerald frequently referred to as the father of reflexology wrote in 1917 about ten vertical zones that extended the length of the body. He found that the application of pressure to a zone that correspond to the location of an injury could serve as relief of pain during minor surgeries. His work developed a map of horizontal zones going across the body and a detailed map of reflex points on the feet and hands.

It was modified in the 1930's and 1940's by Eunice D. Ingham (1889-1974), a nurse and physiotherapist. Ingham claimed that the feet and hands were especially sensitive, and mapped the entire body into "reflexes" on the feet, renaming "zoning therapy" reflexology. She developed the foot maps and reflexology charts that are still in use today and introduced reflexology practices and encouraged training for future Reflexologists, to the non-medical community in the 1930's.

Maureen, as a Professional Reflexologist in Highbury and Islington, and Stoke Newington, uses the above zone therapy techniques when treating clients and their holistic health.

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