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1st June 2020 
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About Reflexology Therapy, Christmas Gift Vouchers available at Highbury and Islington, Newington Green, Stoke Newington N16, North London

Reflexology is a Complementary Therapy involving the treatment of health symptoms and disease by applying precise and minute pressure to areas of the feet which are called "reflex areas".

Reflexology can be a guide to find out where imbalances are in the body. Imbalance presents itself in the body by causing tension, congestion and/or inflammation which can heal itself but after a period of time of being untreated, can cause disease. Reflexology can address and treat the imbalances and is therefore a method for initiating the healing powers of the body to achieve "homeostasis" - a state of balance. As a Reflexologist this is known as connecting and tuning into the person and their whole health.

Reflexology can also be used preventively to keep the body healthy and to alleviate stress and promote and maintain relaxation and wellbeing.

If you have concerns about a health condition and/or are experiencing specific health conditions such as repeated colds and/or influenza, migraine, lethargy, digestive or even fertility issues then Reflexology may be the starting point to managing your health conditions. You may be looking to maintain good health and wellbeing and therefore Refelexology could assist as a preventative approach to good health. You may have a family member or friends whose health you have concerns about and want to support them, so introducing them to Reflexology is a win-win for all.